Yamaha Yard Built 2017









Yard Built 2017 has been changed. First of all it's not a competition. After tabling proposals from various European countries, the seven best ideas were selected. And of course could not miss Greece that last year took the first place about the creation of "The Missing Piece" from the co-working of Jigsaw Customs - Yamaha Motodynamics. The motorcycles that will be competing this year are the amazing XSR700 and XSR900 which are created to be easily modified and can support the fulfillment of each rider to create his own personal motorcycle. The only requirement is that after all the changes made to the motorcycle, it should be able to return to the original factory form. We've already begun designing the bike and hope that we'll make you proud once again.

This year you will be able to be informed about the progress and stages of the project from a special Yardbuilt site that you can help us with your own touches on the creation of the motorcycle.

Yamaha Motodynamics, Moto Magazine and Jigsaw Customs are ready for a new journey to the Greek Custom scene.


Stay updated and be part of our project here: yamahayardbuilt.motomag.gr